Hi ! I am Laurence Modrego and this is my blog. My passion for writing has led me to becoming one of the first bloggers of the EU public affairs scene back in the late 2000’s. This is my third personal blog. Expect posts about my passions : politics (especially EU, FR, ES, BE), sustainable agriculture, and random comments about life in general.

I am a free-lance consultant in EU public affairs and communication with over 15 years of experience in Brussels. My policy expertise focuses on agriculture, sustainability and digital (data protection, copyright).

A woman of many interests, in my spare time, I am a Business Angel, member of the Belgian Business Angel Association, with a special interest in impact investment. I am also giving a second life to my grand-parents’ old farm in La Roche-Posay (Nouvelle-Aquitaine) by developing an agroecological and agrotourism project for it.

I speak French, English, Spanish and Dutch.

You can find me here on Twitter and there on Linkedin.


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